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Wheels of Steele : 

The makings of a World Champion

Steele Bishop warming down after breaking the Australian RecordSteele Bishop warming down after breaking the Australian Record

Order your bookOrder your book“Wheels of Steele : 

The makings of a World Champion"

– By Steele Bishop, OAM

As a youngster, I followed my passion for sports in many areas – football, rugby, cricket, cycling, swimming, tennis, basketball. Not one of them excited me as much as cycling. I knew I had to abandon every other sport to focus on cycling if I wanted to achieve significance. Something in me urged me to go for greatness and not give up, even as a 13-year-old.

My career spanned nearly two decades, culminating in achieving my boyhood dream (after many setbacks) of becoming the champion of the world.

This book covers the demons of dealing with failures, getting back up when things go wrong, moving states and countries for stronger competition, allowing others to guide me when I thought I’d given up. I have shared invaluable life lessons of determination and perseverance, to never quit too soon.

I hope that, apart from finding it an interesting read if you like cycling, you find the answers to realise that your goal is worth pursuing, simply because it's yours, simply because it's something that you want to achieve or do.

My goal was discovered, not chosen, and once that happened all the characteristics required to reach my potential emerged.

If there is something that you want to achieve in life, then maybe my lessons from sport give you the motivation to get started on your journey of success.


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